Who am I?

I’m a graffiti artist based in Madrid. My first steps in this world were around 2011. I decided to put on a video camera on my head to share the creation process of my pieces. As a result my videos have been watched by people from all over the world.

Why do I paint?

My favorite spots are usually abandoned places, they have history. By painting on those spots, it’s like I become a part of that history. The final result isn’t what I value most, but the whole process of it, the way certain things, certain elements took me to that exact place and made me create that exact piece. People, music, food… they all work as one and become a final piece. And every single time I’d see that piece, it will make me remember everything I’ve lived before, while, and after creating it.

“all I did was from the bottom of my heart.”

The success of my channel lies on the fact that, from day one, all I did was from the bottom of my heart. I’ve never had any other interest that wasn’t the one of sharing, on a simple and entertaining way, what I love most: graffiti.

If you want to support me financially you can do it by buying an item in my store. Thank you!